leitura verao 2018On June 19th at 6pm will be held at the Maiakovsky Library readings of extracts of the book D. Ginga e de como os africanos inventaram o mundo by José Eduardo Agualusa (translation by Varvara Makhortova) with the participation of the actress Ksenia Rozova from the Dozhdei Theater.

Integrated into the context of the tenth edition of the international literary competition Saint Petersburg reading 2018, the summer readings from June 19th to 21th will start at the Maiakovsky Library and will be extended to the bookstore Poriadok Slov, restaurant Biblioteka Vkusov, art club Knighi i Kofe, museum Anna Akhmatova and Casa da Fonte.

The project count with the participation of actors from the theaters: Dozhdei, Chamber Malchitskiy, Osobniak, Kromlekh, St. Petersburg Academic Theater and Atelier Lavrova.

ksenia rozova

Ksenia Rozova

dona ginga

D. Ginga e de como os africanos inventaram o mundo, José Eduardo Agualusa

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