Soul Wines Mission – Russia

Event designed to promote Douro and Port wines in the Russian market took place on November 25th  as part of the Soul Wines project. Sponsored by the Nervir business association and aimed at wines importers the event featured a wine tasting and a master class by Angelica Subbotina entitled: “Everything about the Douro region: the soil, grape varieties and the essence of the Douro and Porto wines. Wines with soul!”.

The following companies took part in the event: Adega Cooperativa de Favaios, Adega Cooperativa de Sabrosa, Domingos Alves de Sousa, Aneto Wines, Coimbra de Mattos, D’Origem, Duvinum, Monte São Sebastião, Odisseia Wines, Quinta da Rede, Quinta das Lamelas, Quinta do Mourão, Quinta do Silval, Quinta dos Avidagos, Tirone Douro e Vale da Veiga.

The Portuguese Ambassador to the Russian Federation, Paulo Vizeu Pinheiro, attended the event and contacted the producers present.

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