Shostakovitch Ensemble no Conservatório de Moscovo

On the 9th of September at 7pm, the DSCH –Shostakovitch Ensemble of the Portuguese Filipe Pinto Ribeiro (piano), with Corey Cerovsek (violin, Canada) and Adrian Brendel (cello, United Kingdom) will perform in Moscow at the Malyi hall of the Tchaikovski Conservatory.

The Ensemble – formed in 2006 at the time of the centenary of Shostakovitch’s birth and precisely with the purpose of paying homage to the late composer – will perform compositions from the Russian composer and Mozart. This will also be the premiere of their CD in Russia, which is not only the Ensemble’s first recording, but also the world’s first complete recording of the chamber music for piano and strings composed by Shostakovitch.

This is an initiative of the Embassy of Portugal in Moscow with the support of Camões, IP, and is included in the program of the commemorations of the 240th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Portugal and Russia.

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