SP a ler 2018The official opening of the international literary competition “Saint Petersburg reading -we elect the best foreign writer” will take place on March 1st, at 12 pm, at the Mayakovsky Library, in Saint Petersburg.

The representatives of several cultural sectors and Embassies of the participant countries will be present to briefly present the works and authors which have been selected for this year edition. Furthermore, the results of the public voting will be released and it will be announced the winning works from last year edition. The results of the competition of young translators will also be released.

Portugal presents in the category of ‘author already translated’ the Portuguese author José Eduardo Agualusa with A Rainha Ginga, ou de como os africanos inventaram o mundo (edited by the Book Centre Rudomino, translation of Varvara Makhortova). The book E se eu gostasse muito de morrer of Rui Cardoso Martins will also be presented.



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