7th Portuguese Cinema Festival of Moscow

The 7th Portuguese Cinema Festival of Moscow will take place from 5th to 10th of December, at the emblematic Illuzion Cinema. The demanding public of the Russian capital is invited to follow the tracks of the latest Portuguese cinematography, in a selection guided by the differentiated aesthetic care. The 6 feature films are: Snu (Patrícia Sequeira), Chuva é cantoria na aldeia dos mortos (João Salaviza), Variações (João Maia), Pedro e Inês (António Ferreira), Aparição (Fernando Vendrell), and Labirinto da Saudade (Miguel Gonçalves Mendes). An initiative of Camões, IP and the Embassy of Portugal in Russia, in close collaboration with the Illuzion Cinema.

“I am sure that this Portuguese cinematographic offer will surprise many fans of the Seventh Art in Moscow, for its beauty and narrative depth; for its extraordinary photography and edition; for its complexity and at the same time simplicity of the characters and backgrounds; for its uniqueness in the approach to problems so common to both our countries. This “Portuguese perception” of today’s world, in a ribbon of time and space, will certainly surprise the “look” of the demanding audience of Russia’s capital city.”

Paulo Vizeu Pinheiro
Ambassador of Portugal in Moscow

For more information: http://illuzion-cinema.ru/event-1081/?fbclid=IwAR0T4ObutedfWD20b8YwNwRYjJrbAlqXmJSVEImnnfL2m47hCAOm7T4YzUQ

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