5th Portuguese Cinema Festival of Saint Petersburg

The 5th Portuguese Cinema Festival of Moscow will take place from 11th to 15th of December, at Velikan Park Cinema.

The five feature films of the latest national cinematography which will the screened during the Festival address the following themes: a relationship which generates controversy during political and social transition Snu (Patrícia Sequeira), the beauty and richness of indigenous cultures in the interior of Brazil Chuva é cantoria na aldeia dos mortos (João Salaviza/ Renée Nader Messora), a love legend which marked the history of Portugal Pedro e Inês (António Ferreira), the adaptation of one of the most emblematic works of the Portuguese literary existentialism Aparição (Fernando Vendrell), and a unique journey inside the mind of one of the greatest thinkers of the Portuguese identity Labirinto da Saudade (Miguel Gonçalves Mendes).

An initiative of Camões, IP and the Embassy of Portugal in Russia, in close collaboration with the Cinemáfia cinema club and Velikan Park Cinema.

Mor informations: https://velikan-park.ru/spb/news/2001/

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