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Message from the Ambassador for the commemorations of the 240 years of diplomatic relations between Portugal and Russia

240 anos pt ru240 years ago, two great Stateswomen of outstanding vision and wisdom, Empress Catherine II and Queen Dona Maria I, decided to establish diplomatic relations between Russia and Portugal, thus formally connecting two great nations and two great people.

Therefore, the year 2019 is not only a year of celebration and remembrance but also of renewed relations with eyes set on the future, whether on the political, cultural or economic sphere.

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2nd Portuguese Cinema Week in Nizhniy Novgorod, March 28 - 31

190328 2 festival cinema nizhniy novgorodThe 2nd Portuguese Cinema Week will take place between the 28th and 31st march at the Rekord Cultural Center in Nizhniy Novgorod.

The program includes 3 feature films (O Cinema, Manoel de Oliveira e eu/Cinema,Manoel de Oliveira and me, by João Botelho; Peregrinação/Pilgrimage, by João Botelho; and Al Berto, by Vicente Alves do Ó) and an exclusive session of short films (Madness, by João Viana; Russa/Russian, by João Salavisa and Ricardo Alves; Longe da Amazónia/Away from Amazonia, by Francisco Carvalho; Sara F., by Miguel Fonseca; and Coup de Grâce, by Salomé Lamas).

This initiative is jointly promoted by Camões, I.P. and the Embassy of Portugal in Moscow, in cooperation with the Rekord Cultural Centre and House of Portugal in Nizhniy Novgorod.

Exhibit by the painter Santiago Ribeiro in Moscow

190326 santiago ribeiroThe Russian capital is yet again a part of the artistic route of Santiago Ribeiro. After presenting exhibitions in several European and international capitals, the works by the Portuguese painter will be on display from 26th to 31st march at the Painter’s House of Moscow in the scope of the international exhibition Visionary Art Trip.

Visionary Art is a painting style which originates in spontaneous representation of the conscious state, of religious and meditating contemplation, in mutation. In spite of the resounding character of its designation, visionary art illustrates first and foremost the painter’s propensity for the inner world in which fantasy, not reality, becomes the artistic source of inspiration.

For more information:

- visionaryarts.eu


“E se eu gostasse muito de morrer”/”What if I really wished to die” by Rui Cardoso Martins awarded at literary contest in Saint Petersburg

e se eu gostasse muito de morrerThe novel E se eu gostasse muito de morrer/What if I really wished to die by Rui Cardoso Martins achieved the 3rd place of the award “Best Author non translated to Russian” on a set of 40 authors from 21 countries.

The choice was announced on the past 6th march 2019 at the Cultural Centre Okhta Moll by the jury of the 10th edition of the contest “Saint Petersburg reading 2018 – We chose the best foreign author”.

On the category of translated author, the work A Rainha D.Ginga e de como os africanos inventaram o mundo/ The Queen D.Ginga and how the Africans invented the world by José Eduardo Agualusa achieved 5th place.

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NOTICE – International Women’s Day

feriadoThe Embassy of Portugal in Moscow and the Consular Section of this Embassy will be closed on March 8th, due to the celebrations of the International Women’s Day.